Conservation - 揹水一戰 Race For Water 2019


We treasure all the resources on Earth,
Therefore, several measurements will be adopted in the race:

Waste Reduction

For waste reduction, we encourage all participants to avoid using non-recyclable foam rubber to cover shoulder straps. Disposable utensils will NOT be distributed on the Race Day. Participants can take these alternatives:
Foam rubber → Towel/old clothes
Disposable cup → Reusable cup/ water bottle
Disposable utensils → Bring your own utensils


All banners and signage will be made with durable materials and be recycled for future use.
This year, we will cooperate with The Green Earth to encourage recycling. Recycle bins will be placed at checkpoints and finishing point. Papers will also be collected and recycled.

Food Handling

We have recycle bins for fruit skin at checkpoints and finishing point to collect orange skin, banana skin and pear cores as fertilizers in organic farms.
Post event, all unconsumed foodwill be sent to Food Angel, benefiting the people in need.

Surplus Water

Every unopened bottled water will be handled by:
18.9L: Sending to TWGHS Tai Tung Pui Social Service Building
5L: Sending to the following elderly homes: Tung Fong Home for the Aged; Mary Help of Christian Church